Recommended Reading

The Writing Process

Clouse, Barbara Fine. A Troubleshooting Guide for Writers: Strategies and Process. 5th ed. New York: McGraw-Hill, 2007.


Willis, Meredith Sue. Deep Revision: A Guide for Teachers, Students, and Other Writers. New York: Teachers & Writers Collaborative, 1993.

  • Abbreviated contents:
    1. A Look at Some Revised Pieces
    2. Revision as a Natural Process
    3. Learning to Revise by Editing Other People’s Writing
    4. Learning to Revise by Using Other People’s Comments on Your Writing
    5. Going Deeper by Adding
    6. Changing Media for Deep Revision
    7. Deep Revision and Fiction
    8. Revising Nonfiction with Techniques of Fiction
    9. Revising as a Response to Literature
    10. Beginning and Polishing
    11. Structuring the Longer Work


Bacon, Nora. The Well-Crafted Sentence: A Writer’s Guide to Style. New York: Bedford/St. Martin’s, 2009.

  • Bacon offers the clearest and most succinct explanation of SVO (Subject, Verb, Object) sentences I have ever read.
  • This handbook includes exercises to help the writer practice the information presented and readings to help the writer recognize effective sentences in context.
  • Abbreviated contents:
    1. The Sentence’s Working Parts
    2. Well-Focused Sentences: The Subject-Verb Pair
    3. Well-Balanced Sentences: Coordination and Parallel Structure
    4. Well-Developed Sentences: Modification
    5. Modifiers Following the Noun: Adjective Clauses and Adjective Phrases
    6. Modifiers Built from Verbs: Verbal Phrases
    7. Noun Phrases Working as Modifiers: Appositives and Absolutes
    8. Special Effects: Expectations and Exceptions
    Model Texts for Writers




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