The best apps for taking notes in class

The best apps for taking notes in class.

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Critical Commons

I came upon this site as I was looking for something else. (I don’t even remember what the something else was because I got so excited about exploring this site.)

Critical Commons is a non-profit advocacy coalition that supports the use of media for scholarship, reasearch and teaching, providing resources, information and tools for scholars, students, educators and creators. Critical Commons provides information about current copyright law and its alternatives in order to facilitate the writing and dissemination of best practices and fair use guidelines for scholarly and creative communities. Critical Commons also functions as a showcase for innovative forms of electronic scholarship and creative production that are transformative, culturally enriching and both legally and ethically defensible. At the heart of Critical Commons is an online tool for viewing, tagging, sharing, annotating and curating media within the guidelines established by a given community. Our goal is to build open, informed communities around media-based teaching, learning and creativity, both inside and outside of formal educational environments. And although we are huge fans of their work, please note that Critical Commons is not affiliated in any way with Creative Commons.


Arabic Alphabet Resources

Arabic Course, Lesson 1: Alphabet – Brief introduction to the Arabic alphabet

Fun with Arabic: The Alphabet – Detailed information about each letter of the alphabet

Shariah Program: Free Online Lessons – Brief introduction to the alphabet, followed by detailed lessons about the consonants and vowels

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Online Resources for Intro Philosophy Students

The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy is a helpful resource for Western and some Eastern philosophy. If you’re just interested in a dictionary-length explanation, each entry begins with a brief overview of the featured term; for those who desire more in-depth explanation, the entries continue in detail. Each entry is refereed by the SEP‘s editorial board before publication.

In the Guide to the Study of Philosophy you can find tips for effective study. The Philosophy Pages site also includes a page of links to major philosophical works online.

The Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts offers another good guide: How to Study Philosophy: Tips, Hints, and Resources.

If you’re looking for the “big picture” — and fast! — you may be interested in Spark Notes’ Philosophy Study Guides. Here you will find articles on major Western philosophers and a good number of major works.


Why write well?

Non-English majors in undergraduate composition courses may wonder why writng well matters. Teachers and tutors can argue for future usefulness until we’re blue in the face, but I think we might do better to answer students’ apprehensions with an example.

In a section of her book One Perfect Day: The Selling of the American Wedding, journalist Rebecca Mead describes a decrepit old house in a tiny Wisconsin town:

One splintered house at the low end of town, near the riverbank, seems some time ago to have buckled to its knees like a drunk, and having decided there was nothing much worth standing up for after that, simply stayed in that position.

Let’s ask our students what the difference is between the preceding sentence and this one: A house near the river has started to collapse.

Then, we address their concern directly: You should endeavor to write as well as you can because … well, why wouldn’t you?


Online Resources for Intro Psych Students Psychology Basics –
This material offers an introduction to the study of psychology, summarizing many of the topics discussed in introductory courses. This site is good for review or even for previewing coming chapters in your course. Users can also explore the other psychology sections by, including Theories and Experiments for more details, or they can take quizzes to test their knowledge or examine their personalities.

AllPsychONLINE – The Virtual Psychology Classroom –
This site includes brief online texts – Psychology 101, Statistics Primer, Personality Synopsis, and Research Methods – that offer synopses of the most commonly studied aspects of psychology with accompanying quizzes. I recommend this site for students who want to quickly review and test their overall understanding of key psychology concepts.

SparkNotes Psychology Study Guides –
The study guides at SparkNotes succinctly cover the information generally presented in introductory psychology courses. Users may also consult the list of major psychology figures and the psychology glossary.

Discovering Psychology video series –
Originally produced in 1990 and updated in 2001, this 26-part video series  is familiar to countless students of high school and college level intro psych. It contains hours of student-friendly discussion and illustration of key psychological concepts.

UC Berkeley General Psychology 1 lectures –
These videos, from Fall 2007, present an “introduction to the principal areas, problems, and concepts of psychology” through the actual course lectures of Professor John F. Kihlstrom.

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When was the last time you read for pleasure?

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